Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When It Rains It Pours...

Last week Wednesday we heard that there was a huge storm blowing in from the south. There was some lightning, high winds and not much rain, at least in the south of Johannesburg where we are. It was weird because the next day it looked like there had been a massive storm on that morning but it wasn't very wet. My Friends who live high on the hills facing south say it was more like a dust storm which we do get once or twice a year. The wind must have got particularly bad at some point during the night. On my way to TLC the next day people all over were repairing the damage.
This guys tree fell on his fence

A small section of brick making companies wall came down.

A big section of wall blew over just up the road from us.
They haven't fixed the wall yet but they breed game animals
here so they've got a fence up in the mean time.

The whole way in I was hoping that I would find TLC in one piece or that the damage would be negligible...unfortunately it wasn't to be...

  The roof of the rubbish place just about blew away.

And about 30 meters of our wall fell over.

Leaving our brand new chicken houses exposed to thieves!

I tried to update this blog last week but we had constant problems with our connection, on the upside I can show you how far we've managed to get. We scratched and scraped together enough to employ some of my regular workers to try get the wall back up. I'm confident some money will come in soon to finish this but at the moment it's as repaired as we can get it.

A short hurdle. Better than nothing.

It'll probably take my workers another two days to finish it. That's 5 workers for two days which is only R1040 about 100 pounds or $150 US.

I'm going to put up the pay pal donations button here. The money goes into an account and will be forwarded to me to be used for the farm.

I'll let everyone know when we are secure again :o)

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  1. we have also had winds here that have knocked twenty foot wide swaths down through our forest, windy twisty routes... It is horrible to see all your hard labours blown down... Will pray for you all by God's grace to be safe.
    You're doing a good work there Rhys!