Monday, August 27, 2012

Life and Death on the Farm.

Life on the farm is very rewarding but does come with it's share of tragedy...
The weekend before last our first set of twin baby goats were born. Unfortunately they were born to a mother that had been struggling with an udder infection. During weeks before the birth we were tending to the source of the infection and dosing her with antibiotics. She started to show strong signs of improvement around the week of the 22nd of August. However, on Saturday the 25th she gave birth to two premature little goaties :o( A boy and a girl. Neither of them lasted very long. The boy went first and the girl (below) went a few hours later despite our best efforts and Pippas' collie, Sugars' constant nursing.

When I saw that it's little hooves hadn't even hardened properly yet I knew it was born way too soon.
On the upside!!!
We should be getting healthy newborns any day now!!
I'll make new posts as it happens!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Bull Calf Was Our Number Two Little Moo

Just Born...
Hanging with Dad.


A very rare event for us! Allot of people took the day off for what in other countries would be called a 'light dusting!'

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tractor lessons

Kay Jones moving a some wall slabs...

still have about 80 to go! We're going to have to figure out a way to lift them back up to erect the wall again on the east side of the property. They weigh about half a ton!

After the wall between the two properties had been taken down.
For a while there was no divide between TLC and the new farm.
Wish it could always be that way, but one can't compromise on
security in favour of asthetics in this country...(at the moment)

It's A GIRL!! Our first calf!

May 2012.

Chickens - Our first 'Resource Engine'

'FRESH!!' Thats how one of TLC's farm workers describes TLC Farm's Next batch of
 7 week old chickens. (Below)

(Making the most of the morning light as the doors are opened) 

Next week Teusday we will be processsing  200 of them and delivering 150 to a new customer in the North of Johannesburg. 50 will be stored in TLC's freezer for our own use or to be sold later.

The Remaining live chickens will be sold locally. With the price of meat increasing all the time another side benefit of our free range chicken facility is that we supply the local community with an affordable source of protien and a quality product at that.

What A life!!

Now you will probably see why it has been so quiet on this blog!

Things have been moving along so fast that I can abarely keep up.

TLC recently employed a new grounds manager. Now that he has settled in, I'm beggining to get free time to do updates like this!! Please feel free to comment...Got to stay motivated to keep this up to date. It's an important way of letting our supporters know whats going on, and there is SO much going on!!!