Friday, September 7, 2012

Babies Babies Babies!!!

After those two cuties were born yesterday and on my way out of TLC in the afternoon, I noticed one of the moms that I wasn't even expecting to give birth soon had had its baby outside! Just as it started to rain!!!

Now you'll notice in the background,
another female checking out whats going on...thats one of my favorite goats but she's got a problem... Not like a limp or stutter she's got a problem with everyone and she's not afraid of anyone...She's normally cool but she rules the roost. However, since the ladies have been having babies I decided that she's going to be housed on her own. Especially since I saw her chasing yesterdays new born babies out of the goat house!!!
I Moved her but in the afternoon, somehow there she was caught in this picture, back in the pen!!!

When I noticed I moved her back, which wasn't easy since I had stood on a nail the day before 😣...Sebastian helped me out and dragged her across...she wasn't very happy or cooprative.

So the new baby turned out to be girl and is the first and only
baby to her mom. I think she is destined to be a champ just like last years prize goat was first and only to his mom! I'll talk about him later.

She was so sweet when we visited today. Not scared at all and wagged her tail when we stroked her! So cute I could just eat her!! Well no not literally !!! NO WAY! 😄
Her half brother, we will eat, shame. But she's a gem...we'll bury her under a fruit tree someday...if she's very lucky.

Then there is the goat who hasn't given
birth still! And she needs to! Desperately!!! If she hasn't by tomorrow I'm going to call the vet.

On top of all of this my best friend Julian is having a real human baby of his own! Tomorrow! In the morning!!! So very excited!! Limping everywhere but with a very excited limpish gait!

Oh and PPC is helping me out with upgrades to the chicken facility!! Wahooo! I'll talk about that later!! My best friend is having a baby!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Just look at how LEKKER!!
Brother and Sister.
A beautiful pair to start off the season with! So healthy and sweet. I love this time of year...although, I was really surprised that they weren't from the goat that I was sure was going to give birth first...That goat is looking uncomfortably massive... beginning to wonder if she's having a problem. I'll try take a photo to post. I say 'try' because I stood on a rusty old nail yesterday that went right through my shoe and into my foot so I'm hobbling along but trying to stay in my office as much as possible.
Visit soon because I'm sure there will be even newer additions to the herd very shortly!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Life and Death on the Farm.

Life on the farm is very rewarding but does come with it's share of tragedy...
The weekend before last our first set of twin baby goats were born. Unfortunately they were born to a mother that had been struggling with an udder infection. During weeks before the birth we were tending to the source of the infection and dosing her with antibiotics. She started to show strong signs of improvement around the week of the 22nd of August. However, on Saturday the 25th she gave birth to two premature little goaties :o( A boy and a girl. Neither of them lasted very long. The boy went first and the girl (below) went a few hours later despite our best efforts and Pippas' collie, Sugars' constant nursing.

When I saw that it's little hooves hadn't even hardened properly yet I knew it was born way too soon.
On the upside!!!
We should be getting healthy newborns any day now!!
I'll make new posts as it happens!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Bull Calf Was Our Number Two Little Moo

Just Born...
Hanging with Dad.


A very rare event for us! Allot of people took the day off for what in other countries would be called a 'light dusting!'

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tractor lessons

Kay Jones moving a some wall slabs...

still have about 80 to go! We're going to have to figure out a way to lift them back up to erect the wall again on the east side of the property. They weigh about half a ton!

After the wall between the two properties had been taken down.
For a while there was no divide between TLC and the new farm.
Wish it could always be that way, but one can't compromise on
security in favour of asthetics in this country...(at the moment)

It's A GIRL!! Our first calf!

May 2012.