Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SlobberDogs TummyBug

This Is Baron Von Slobberdog
He posed for this pic yesterday but was clearly not loving his life. I thought he might have Tick bite Fever as it's very common around this time of year but the vet says it was gastro!

He is going to spend some time at the vet but we hope to have him back by the end of the day. When he's well he usually keeps his slobber closer to his mouth where it gets all muddy with dust so he can wipe it off on your clean clothes when he comes to greet you. It makes him fairly unpopular and since he's like a 75 kg puppy he can be a bit difficult to control. When he's not feeling well he doesn't swallow so these beautiful spit stalactites form and we know it's time to visit the vet. Sometimes in the morning when he has just woken up he'll get them but he'll have a good shake, they'll wrap around his head and he can then wipe it off on the next passer by...ahhh...what a character.

More pics to follow.

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  1. Lol my very own "Slobberdog" Arthur (a 65kg, 9 month old Great Dane) does the same thing with his drool. He also loves to stand by the dinner table and sniff our dinners to really get the drool going and then shake his head violently from side to side so that it flies everywhere. I think he does it in the hope that if it lands in our food we won't want it anymore and it'll go in his bowl...
    Hope Baron feels better soon. xxx