Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our own free range chickens!

With the help of a corporate sponsor - PPC Cement, we have been able to erect this facility which will see us producing all our own free range chickens and eggs on the farm.
Each structure will house 100 chickens to start with but we will be able to increase the number somewhat acccording to demand. We consume about 100 chickens on a monthly basis which is what the facility is designed to provide, with one structure designated specifically for the production of eggs

Each house has an open range of 400 square meters for the chickens well being. We intend on planting a few trees inside too.  

We have all the equipment and two structures ready to go...unfortunately we went slightly over budget on this because of the unexpected increase in the price of steel and although the project cost well over R300 000 we have stumbled at the finish. We only need about another R10 000 to get the feed, the chickens and the bedding to get this project going. A few months back that amount wasn't going to be a problem for TLC to cover considering the savings but due to the unpredictable nature of donations our bank balance is not looking good so between paying saleries and creditors there is nothing left.

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