Friday, October 8, 2010

The Legen-Dairy!!

I've been working on this dairy since 2008.
The nearest side you can see is the milkshed where the cows will be brought to be milked.
 The far side is the dairy where we will process the milk.

TLC stands to save around R5000 per month by producing our own milk. We also want to get ourselves set up to produce other dairy products when the time comes. The money that we save we intend on reinvesting in other systems which will edge us further toward self relience.

This is one of the latest pics but from the other side. As you can see we have plumbing now, with a double basin inside and a double cement wash trough outside.   

We were given everything we need to finish the inside, tiling, glazing, cement, etc. but we need to put a proper roof on the building first which is going to cost about R20 000. Then we can finish the building and start thinking about equipment. I want to have the whole thing set up before we get the cows however we've made no progress over the last year on this through lack of support. Considering the amount we stand to save on a montly basis, it's a pity that it's not running already.

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