Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our new Chicken Cage. - The Chook Dome 4000 -

Thanks to the help of Ricoh who is helping TLC reach it's self sufficiency goals we were able to get this chicken cage to be made for the veggie garden. It's an integral part of the design of the veggie bed system. You can read more about the working of the system on the blog post. 'The Permaculture Veggie Patch Plan'
It's designed to fit over the beds exactly.

This new version of the chicken dome can't be moved by one person but we are never short of hands willing to help out at TLC so moving them shouldn't be a problem. I'm putting two layers of shade netting on the roof and I'll have a small section covered with a tarp to keep the chickens dry.

I was very happy with the quality of the work done by a local business, ABC Cages, and I've  paid the deposit for the second cage to be built for the second veggie garden system.

Right now we have a goat living in here, but I'll tell you about that later!

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